February 12, 2024 Powder to the People

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Barrman and his buddy Brettman slid across the top of the mountain. The sun caressed their faces as the glow in their eyes lit their way forward. The two ski buddies rejoiced in connecting at the top of the world once again. 

It had been too long since they’d shared their passion for dancing on the snow.

The traverse across the top carried them onward and upward. They came to a fork in the path and elected to push a bit higher. Barrman had done this traverse many times before but this time he went higher and further than he’d ever gone before. He’d heard the legend of the pink highway. But he’d never seen the mysterious back side of the mountain.

This time the sun kept calling him upward. The deep snow urged him forward. A sense of adventure released any hesitation.

So the two buddies kept going. It was only a few minutes and they burst forth to see what lay beyond. Barrman took a deep breath and laughed. “Dude, it’s fuckin awesome! Wow, I’ve never been here before.”

Brettman slid up next to Barrman, “Wow!” It was the only word he needed.

There was a solo track descending the pillowy white snow that gleamed in front of them. The track almost calling them to come to pursue it – come and chase the powder dream.

 Powder dreams stretched in front of their eyes. They stared into the distance and soaked in the magic of the moment. Barrman had heard of this place, but he’d never seen it with his own eyes.

“Dude that is so tempting to follow that line.” Barrman couldn’t take his eyes off the glorious untouched snow below them.

“Ya man it looks awesome. But we don’t know where it goes and we don’t want to risk getting stuck, or even worse, getting lost.” Brettman scanned the slopes below.

“For sure man. I wouldn’t go there without someone who’s been there before.” Barrman took another long look at the untracked piece of powder heaven. “Let’s follow the ridge and go left back toward the chair.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Brettman grinned and turned his skis.

Barrman pushed past his buddy and slid toward the next stache of powder glory. They crested the ridge and dropped into an untouched line of untracked snow. Turning, diving, descending they danced with the line of fluffy glory. Soon they dropped into the trees and danced and dodged, creating their own tracks toward the bottom of the hill.

Whoops of delight echoed in the mountain air and the buddies kept each other in range. Barrman would holler and whoop, and Brettmen would answer with his own calls of delight.

With burning legs, they reached a run and cranked more turns in the chopped snow until they slid to the bottom of the lift.

Their weekend of powder glory had only just begun.

They finished the afternoon listening to the rocking sounds of the Bosman. They gathered with their friends at Happy Valley and cheered an amazing day. They stared out the window and watched flakes of powder glory descend to the earth.

The next day began with a reported 6 cm of fresh snow. But when they cruised through the new fallen snow they knew it was so much more. 

It was a powder day.

Big Boarder came from town and Braffster met them at the bottom. Crispy was there and so was the Bernster. Mullyman showed his face and the gang was all there. Kaydee dropped back and joined with Willie. The mountain was alive with howls of joyful powder cheers.

There was so much snow falling, every run was filled in and every turn felt like a fresh line. 

Brettman glanced at Barrman on the chair and laughed, “I think I will have to stay another day.” 

Barrman chuckled, “I knew you were going to say that.”

“Ya dude, when the boss asks me I will tell him the truth, I got snowed in.”

“Right on man. That is the thing bud, life is too short to work on a powder day. When it’s all over you’re not going to remember the days you worked. You will remember the days of powder skiing.”

“Ya buddy, powder to the people.” They laughed and slid off the top of the chair and back into powder heaven.


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