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Without malignant intentions

expanding never ending always seeking

A host

A place to reproduce, to begin again

and again…

Unaware of the damage that it is wreaking


The host dies

and searching once more

To recreate itself,

it spreads

Cell to cell, faster, faster

Rebuilding the host,

infecting the core


Just a simple calculation, a mathematical equation

Double once, double again

Reproduction unchecked, spreading, changing,

faster, faster

It rapidly infects the population


Without intent, without knowing

Simple strands of RNA

has brought mankind to a halt

within our DNA

We will survive

our resistance growing


The host keeps distance in

                                        cellular isolation

reproduction checked, spreading stalling

slower, slower

it spares the greater population


a second occurrence, a new wave of reproduction

strands of RNA ever-changing

our DNA thrives in connection

will humanity stay strong

and unite in continued separation.


the wave keeps growing

spreading faster, 


viral seed continue sewing

and overwhelm our institutions 


around the clock time keeps moving

and continue with more restriction

we search for a solution

Looking for the antigens worth proving


Warnings  real and fake engulf us all

If we don’t take the magical potion

We may suffer an even greater fall

we must join together


keeping everything in motion.


The greatest medical minds 

create the simplest strands of protein

to mimic the infestation

                             a recreation

to undo the tie that binds


It’s a way to free us from our situation.

still many protest against the solution

and push back against everything

driven by fear and misinformation.


So close to the end of the infection

a new disease arrises

one that has no easy cure

caused by disinformation.


A fourth wave has begun

a pandemic of the unvaccinated

with nowhere to run

the virus finds the uninitiated


fear of the vaccine and fear of the unknown

more protest the mandates and their situation

cry’s for freedom ring and are overblown?

They refuse the forced indoctrination


It is for their safety were are told

stay home or get vaccinated

while cases climb among the young
                                                                and the old.

When will this foe be satiated?


Our world needs to join together

to push back against the fear

hold the line against darkness

and unite in love


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BeaWulf · April 10, 2020 at 11:46 am

Lovely poem … great description …
Keep writing.
Also thanks about sharing about your life.
Most lives turn out a bit different than imagined.
The important thing is to keep on living our life story the best we can, the way
we want it.

    Victor Barr · April 10, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    Thank you for joining me in my journey. I appreciate the feedback. I will continue to explore my story, I am not sure how it will end but it will be grand adventure getting there!

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