Welcome to Victor Calvin Barr

Victor Calvin Barr, the name given to me by my loving adopted parents.  Born in Calgary in 1970 at the Holy Cross hospital to a very young and scared 16 year old couple, Don and Louise, I am forever grateful they made the fateful decision to let me be adopted by Blair and Mary Ann (Marijke) Barr, the most wonderful parents I could be lucky enough to have.   Growing up as a teenager I didn’t appreciate how lucky I was.  I was a rebel and I thought I knew everything.  I started writing at a young age and said when I grew up I would be writer.

It is funny how life gets in the way of a person’s dreams.  I started a window cleaning business when I was nineteen years old.  Thirty years later I sold it.  I am free for the first time since I was that nineteen year old youth fresh out of high-school ready to take on the world.  Along the way I stopped writing for pleasure and lost my muse.  The time afforded me by the circumstances given me; Coronavirus and selling my business, has given me the gift of my muse again.  I will not let it go this time.

I will continue to take this journey exploring connections with the universe and each other.  Thank you for coming with me.  I invite you to return as often as you like to connect with my story as it unfolds.  I will take more time expanding my story and my journal.  I encourage you to comment and share your stories as well.  This is a new day and a new world will unfold when this virus has run its course.

We will thrive and find new connections in life, in friendships and in love of all things.