June 1, 2024 Actionfest

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Barrman, Kaydee, Cookster, Krispee, and Biker Girl rolled out of Barrman’s Westbank driveway and headed down the highway. The intrepid motorcyclists stared into the darkening sky and hoped for the best.

In the distance, Barrman could see the rain fill the valley and he took a deep breath hoping to stay dry. The friends were on their machines together for the season’s first ride—the destination – Actionfest in Summerland. They accelerated south from Peachland and the sky got a little brighter, the clouds seemed to hold off and the rain only sent a slight mist toward them. 

Barrman grinned as he glanced at the view of the lake on his left and the mountains above. Kaydee held on tight and smiled at him when he peaked behind. On the bike behind, Cookster rumbled along with Crispee as his passenger. Biker Girl followed behind on her Harley like the seasoned vet she was. She grew up on the back of her dad’s bike and she told Barrman how much she loved to ride.

They all loved to ride.

The pavement was wet as they cruised the last k’s into Summerland. If Barrman and Kaydee had been ready on time they would have got soaked. Cookster chuckled at that fact when they stopped and parked at Actionfest. The five friends dismounted their bikes and stared at the kids playing in the park. There was a minitrain cruising by being pulled by a lawn tractor. Crispee laughed that Kaydee was the only one who could fit on that train.

Just then the music filled the air. Songs of love, wonder, celebration, and glory echoed across the park.

Barrman grabbed the chairs off his bike and the others did the same as they wandered to the stage set up in the centre of the small Okanagan town. The second day of Actionfest was in full swing and people of all ages were there to enjoy the day.

And the rain skirted around as if it was willed to be gone. 

The first band they heard was called Instario. They played a good variety of rocking tunes from the seventies and eighties. The music pulsed through the crowd and Barrman felt his spirits lift. As the first band left the stage Barrman’s friend the Fry Guy arrived. They shared a hug, and a smile and settled in to watch the next band, Barracuda a Heart tribute band. They rocked the crowd with classic songs by the iconic band. Like Heart, they also played some covers of classic Led Zeppelin songs. Barrman and Kaydee jumped to their feet and danced to the rhythm of the greatest rock band ever. At least in Barrman’s humble opinion.

Out of the crowd, a lone dancer strutted to the field. He danced like no one was watching. He let loose and his body flowed to the music. It was a sight to see, the man’s gyrations took on an almost ethereal scene. He let go of control and his limbs were being pulled in all directions by the music echoing into the evening.

As the evening rocked on, more people came and went. Soon it was time for the headliner. The Jon Bos band took the stage and the beer gardens now enveloped the dancing zone. You couldn’t call it a dance floor because it was a grass field. Yet there it was filled with people rocking away to his magical, musical ministrations. 

Jon Bos rocked.

And so did the crowd. Cookster stood and rocked to the music, while all around him Crispee, Kaydee, Biker Girl, and Barrman jumped and gyrated to the melody. It was all Cookster could do after his plethora of injuries. He stood like a sentinel rocking to the music waves. The crowd was into it now and no one wanted the evening to end.

Fireworks lit the night while Jon Bos played on. They stared into the night as pyrotechnics filled the sky. The music, the energy the fun filled the town of Summerland. Actionfest fulfilled its name. 

The crowd rocked into the night. 

Alas, all good things must come to an end. 

The Jon Bos Band played their last song to the willing cheers of the enthusiastic crowd. Everyone filtered away and the riders wandered back to their motorcycles. The group was glowing with the joy of the musical evening.

They mounted their mechanical steeds and rode north back the way they came. The five friends stopped as they entered Westbank once more. Barrman led the way into the parking lot and they said farewell for now. They hope to ride once more, this time into the sun and for more adventures yet to come.

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