October 28, 2023 Goodbye my friend

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Jason Rapp’s smile would light up a room. His energy and drive was a light in the dark. There were days when he could be a friend to everyone. 

And when he shredded the guitar we all stopped in wonder.

Now he will shred no more.

Jay Wormbox has gone to the other side to dance with the Great Spirit. His spirit lives on in the mystical wonder of the world. And in our memories.

I met Jay almost thirty years ago. He was a brash young man who knew no fear. A mutual friend told me that I should hire him to work for me because he was one of the best. I thought he meant one of the best window cleaners. But he was so much more.

He became a friend and we shared many good times. We went camping and shared laughter and joy. Jay was a natural at spreading happiness to those he met. Even when he drank, (which became far too often in the end) he was hardly ever an angry drunk. His spirit was infectious and I always warmed to his soul. A soul now traveling the heavens.

In search of peace.

His talent was unmistakable and his dream was to be in a band. He touched that dream for a little while when Wormbox released an album and toured North America in support of Black Sabbath. Jay knew how to rock and he knew all too well, how to party. 

Like a racing meteor, his light flashed out far too soon.

He leaves behind an indelible mark on the world and those who knew him. A genuine nice guy he shared his passion with everyone he met. 

Jay became much more than an employee to me. He was someone I was happy to call a friend. Eventually, he left BC and returned to his home in Calgary. I hoped that he could defeat the demon that lurked inside the next can of beer. Unfortunately, he made the choices in life some make, -was it really a choice? Or a disease far too many face and lose the battle. In the end, Jay paid the ultimate price.

Goodbye my friend, until we meet again.  

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