October 7, 2023 War in Isreal

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The day started bright, warm and full of optimism. Lana stood in the middle of the field, waiting for the bands to start. She’d been looking forward to the festival of the kibitz For the last few months. 

Now she was running for her life. 

Lana grabbed her husband’s hand and held on. His grip was one of her only connections with sanity.

Otherwise, the world was going insane.

The bombing started two hours earlier. The music stopped and she could feel her heart pounding, her breath surging, she held on by a thread and a strong set of fingers. They’d found a bunker and hid, thinking it was safe. Until they heard the gunfire. The young Israeli stared at the man in front of her. His words registered at last.

“You must leave her. Hamas is coming and they are shooting everyone.” The tall man abruptly turned and left.

Minutes later Lana and Simon ran to their car. They sat there stunned hoping for a way to escape. More gunfire erupted. They stared at each other. Shots ricocheted off the rear of the car. 

“Move, move, move!” Lana shrank into her seat and cried.

The car surged across the field bullets bounced all around. Beside their car, a van sat in flames. Simon kept driving.Tears flowed across Lana’s face. She took a ragged breath

Then another breath. 

“That’s right honey breath.”

The sound came after the impact. One second the car is screaming across the field and onto the street. Then it was sideways its undercarriage ripped apart.

There was no time to think. Only to move. They crawled from the car and scrambled into the nearest house. A few other festivalgoers sat inside the building. 

Inside it was quiet. Echoes of gunshots pierced the silence. Simon grabbed her gently by the arms and patted her down searching.

Searching for what? Then Lana realized. 

“You’re not bleeding. How do you feel? Are you ok?” Simon stared into her eyes.

“I’m fine; let’s see you.” Lana’s stomach sank as she examined Simon. She felt the blood before she saw it. It was just under his shoulder blade. 

“Oh no, you’re bleeding.” Her breath stopped.

So did Simon’s. He collapsed on the couch in the corner. Lana rushed to him and held him close.

“Simon,” her breath a shallow trickle. “Hang on, help is coming.”

Help would come. But it would be too late for Simon as it was for many others like him. 

Over 260 people died in the attack on the tribe of nova music festival on October 7, 2023. 

A day no one in Isreal will ever forget.

* * *

This is a fictionalized story about the massive terrorist attack by Hamas the Palestinian leadership in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere. Hamas started the attack at dawn and continued with ground attacks and hostage-taking throughout the day.

Israel declared war. The counterattack began that evening.

There were no winners. 

Only death.


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