April 27, 2023

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Spring is in the air. Finally. The weather has been warming up all week and the days are getting longer. 

Time marches on. 

I find myself trying to keep life busy and my days happy. Yesterday I was on a roof in Penticton and it was beautiful outside. The sun gleamed off the glassy water of Skaha Lake and the sun reflected the feeling of optimism I held onto. 

Summer is right around the corner and flowers are peeking up from the ground everywhere. A new season is upon us. I love this time of year. When I feel the sun’s warm rays soak into my skin, my soul is filled with a feeling of contentment. I am very grateful to live in a place that experiences all the seasons nature offers. It’s like the world is alive with the changes. 

I couldn’t live in a place that doesn’t have a change of seasons. However, places like that are pretty easy to visit in the dead of winter.

If winter is dead, spring is a time for renewal. And rejuvenation. The forecast calls for warm temps, I can’t wait to get back on the water. It’s been far too long since I’ve been on the lake. When I drive along the water, the water is calling to me. 

It says come float, come fish, come relax.

But then life gets in the way.

With the renewal spring has brought I feel a sense of wonder. A sense of joy.

Deer have been making a home of our yard and a meal of our strawberries. It’s hard to get mad at such beautiful animals, but they are a problem. We’ve never had so many deer calling our street home. I’m sure it’s a direct result of the previous few years of wildfires. That and all the new homes being built higher in the mountain. 

I want to live close to nature but there is a line. And these deer keep crossing it.

Another first-world problem.

It might be time to build a fence soon. If my biggest problem in life is the deer eating my strawberries, then I’m doing okay.


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