March 17, 2023 Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

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Music flowed from the man’s fingers and into the soul. It was a day of celebration and camaraderie at the Globe at Big White Ski Resort.

It was Saint Paddy’s Day. 

Jon Bos played his heart out and the bar vibrated with the joy of live music. It was the first Saint Patrick’s day when everything felt like it should. Tables were tightly packed, people were laughing, and the little dance floor filled up with smiling patrons enjoying the connection of the moment – a moment long in coming. 

It was a moment to celebrate.

Barrman, Kaydee, Cookster, Crispie, and many others were thrilled to experience it. Cookster was always one to mix and mingle. Three years ago in 2020, everyone was told to stop their natural urge to connect and stay apart. For Cookster, Barrman, and everyone else it was a relief and a release to be able to hop from table to table connecting with people from near and far. Of course, Cookster was actually hopping and hobbling. Through it all, he was smiling.

Everyone was smiling.

Saint Patrick’s day is a landmark day since the beginning of the coronaverse. In 2020 it was the first thing to fall victim to the viral foe that invaded everyone’s lives. And took far too many other lives. It feels almost surreal thinking back to that day, March 16, 2020. They shut down Big White and thereby canceled all the Saint Patrick’s day celebrations scheduled for the next day.

It has been a long time since then, sometimes it feels like that time didn’t exist. It was Saint Patrick’s Day 2019 the last time things felt open and free. Four years since Saint Patrick’s day felt like a true free-spirited celebration of everything Irish.

All the friends said “cheers” and cheered. 

A dark shadow has been lifted.

And the music played on.

The end came too soon and Jon Bos had to leave the stage. Everyone pleaded for more. But there was no more to give. It was time to say goodnight. 

Bluebird turns on fresh morning groomers await.

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Pat mulligan · March 19, 2023 at 6:27 pm

And i thought a quiet night with a good irish movie was in order…jokes on me…The banshees of Inesherin wasn’t playing anymore…oh well, lamb, and colcannon,a couple of kilkennies, a some” Five Farms” craft distillery Irish cream liquer,on ice cream for dessert…oh…and “the Guernsey”: on netflix…fell asleep halfway through…

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