December 25, 2022 Christmas Day

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The weather outside is frightful, but the day was so delightful. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. 

The weather had the old Christmas song ringing through my head. It was a day when most people would hunker down and stay inside. A day of snow blowing and falling across The Okanagan and in many parts of North America. It’s been a week of numbing cold and record participation. Over 30 people have died in many parts of Canada and the USA in the week leading up to Christmas 2022.

You’d think we would have gotten a break after the last two years of tragedy. No breaks for anyone in the latter part of 2022. Just a continuation of chaos and tragedy.

Tragedy hit far too close to home on Christmas Eve. An Ebus carrying travelers trying to get to Vancouver flipped on its side. Sadly, four people would not live to see Christmas day. Their families left to pick up the pieces and try to find out why? It’s crazy that the one mode of transportation that doesn’t have seatbelts is buses. Planes make people put their seatbelts on in turbulent conditions. Why do they not have the same safety precautions on buses? Fifty people were sent to hospital and eight stayed overnight with four more who didn’t have a chance. 

Driving across the City of Kelowna to see family felt a little sketchy but nothing like what some people have gone through in the last week. Planes have been grounded and people have been stranded in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Some people have even been stranded in the worse place of all – Edmonton. I can’t imagine getting stuck in Edmonton at fourty below at Christmas. 

A thirty-minute drive across the bridge in a snowstorm was pretty tame in comparison. It is important to connect with loved ones at this time of year. It’s unfortunate that in the height of winter we all decide family is so important. In reality, family is important all year long. If we took more time connecting with our loved ones the rest of the year maybe it wouldn’t seem so critical to risk life and limb travelling in inclement and dangerous conditions to see one another. 

More first-world problems.

I had renters book my mountain home at the last minute to avoid the coastal mountains and make the trek from Seattle to Big White for a Christmas ski getaway. Unfortunately, they spent seven hours on the road in a snowstorm to get to Big White only to ski in rain-soak hard packed conditions. And they weren’t even travelling to see family. They just wanted to get away and ski. Talk about a first-world problem, they were lucky to avoid the crash that sent all those people to the hospital. 

Crazy days indeed.

So when we walked into the door of my sister’s place and were welcomed with the smell of fresh roasted turkey and ham and a warm embrace of love everything felt right in our world. We were lucky to have a family and a warm meal. Lucky to connect and see people we love. And even more lucky it was only a thirty-minute drive across town.

Filled with love, food and connection we ventured home and smiled at each other. Grateful for our luck and love. It was a very Merry Christmas for us, and I hope you had one too.

I remain hopeful for better days in 2023. 

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