September 26, 2022 Just another monday

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Monday, September 26 marked the 140th Monday since the Covid19 pandemic swept the globe.

That is a lot of Mondays.

But on this particular Monday, they announced the lifting of the final restrictions caused by our viral foe. Vaccination will no longer be required to return to Canada after traveling out of the country. The use of masks on planes, trains, and cruise ships will no longer be mandatory. This marked the end of the coronaverse and the return to freedom. 

Most people won’t even notice.

Others will celebrate the return to what was once considered normal.

And there will still be a few people who will choose to march the streets of our fair city and protest for their freedoms. 

I’m not sure what they are protesting for, I guess some people feel the need to be heard.

After so many Mondays this one felt a little better than most. Maybe it was the beautiful weather outside or maybe it was the wonderful fish dinner with good friends. I know it wasn’t because I could travel any easier. After all, I got vaccinated as soon as it was available.

What I found truly baffling was the people who thanked Pierre Poliviere for the lifting of the final restrictions on travel. What exactly he had to do with it was very confusing. He was just elected to lead the opposition Conservative party. It wasn’t like he was the leader of the government. 

In today’s world Trudeau will get no credit for anything – just the blame. I may not like the guy, but I wonder how we would have dealt with the pandemic with a Conservative in power… We will never know. 

Just like we will never know how many may have perished if we had done nothing. On my very first blog all those Mondays ago I wrote that if the lock-downs worked people would say we overreacted. That is exactly what some people are saying.

One hundred and fourty Mondays… let that sink in for a minute. Fifty-two weeks in a year, so it was two years and seven months of Mondays since the pandemic began.

Does this mean the pandemic is officially over? 

Some health officials claim it is not over. But in reality, it is very much over for the vast majority of people. Many of whom feel it was over months ago.

Others still live in fear.

On October 1, 2022, everyone will be equal again. At least for those who want to travel. Yet there remains a few vaccine requirements for employment – isn’t it time to lift those as well? Many healthcare workers chose not to get the vaccine, isn’t it time for them to rejoin the workforce? 

It’s time to return to where life was all those Mondays ago.

It may even be time for me to get a haircut.

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