March 23, 2020

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March 23 2020

Pandemic… sounds very close to panic, and the world is in the throes of it.  It was a lifetime ago yet only one week that we left Big White and went home with the ski hill closing and the world imploding.  One week; a lifetime and yet the blink of an eye.

 Fresh air seems fleeting and precious, nothing really has changed, yet everything will never be the same again.  Everyone is in shock, denial or in panic.  Very few are fully rational and we all are seeking to relax and find an answer?   We must seek a way to reconnect with mother earth and a way to connect with each other.  But don’t get too close.

We went for a walk with our dear friends tonight, tried to maintain six feet of social distance.  Social distance?  A term not heard two weeks ago, now a major part of our vocabulary.  What will this new world order bring?  I hope for more walks with friends, more connection with mother earth. Less fear.

Three months ago China was in lock down; something only possible in a communist society.  Now all the major cities in the world are on lock down.  How can this be? Is this Coronavirus as bad as the cure or worse?  If it works then we will say it was an overreaction, if it doesn’t we will wonder why we waited so long. 

Fifty years on the planet and yet I only feel like that twenty one year old man looking to take on the world. My body would greatly disagree so I soldier on in pain and frustration, wishing I could be that twenty one year old once more.  In all those years I never imagined that we would face this much fear from a virus, an unknown entity we cannot see, can we really believe?  Fifty years, I hope to see many more, without fear…

Love will see us through, love of each other and love of ourselves.  Can we really let humanity falter into oppression and ruin? Not if we have love. Love of our foes and our friends and especially our family.  I embrace the fortune that is bestowed upon me, love is my salvation.

I will return upon the morrow and hope for better days.

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