Sept 19, 2021 Joey’s story. (Dec 19, 2022)

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Joey looked out his window. It was a small window in the door, he felt the fear emanating from outside somewhere. Where was everyone? The street was empty but he was sure they were there somewhere.


Well, they wouldn’t get him, he wasn’t coming outside. If he stayed in his room he would be safe.

Joey was closing in on fifty, his hair was slowly receding upwards on a follicular retreat from his eyes. His face was still young, the signs of his maturity were etched in the laugh lines on his brow and carved by his thinning lips. His penchant for whisky and rum had managed to keep his waist to the point where he always felt he could lose ten pounds but not large enough that he would do something about it.

Now his waist was starting to shrink. He hadn’t been outside since they activated the 5G towers in his suburban neighborhood outside Vancouver. For the last three years Joey had warned everyone that would listen, and even those that didn’t. He railed to the world, covid was a diabolical plot. The vaccine was a way to gain control of everyone. Yes, people were dying, but they would have died anyway. It was most likely the flu and they blamed it on Covid19. It was evil. And so many people had fallen victim to the delusion. Brainwashed he called them. Covidiot his friend has claimed.

Hmm, I know who the covidiots are, thought the brave freedom fighter. How come so few listened to me? Joey thought to himself. Now he’d been proved right.

The first ones disappeared just after the 5G went into effect. He was sure he saw people fall over in the streets. Joe hadn’t been anywhere for the last six months now. He stayed at home when the last vaccine passport was implemented. He was sure as hell not going to let them inject those nanites or whatever they were into his body. The new rules were; you couldn’t go anywhere without a vaccine passport. So he had to order all his supplies online. 

He’d been banned from facebook again. Last time it was because he tried to warn everyone what Bill Gates was planning. Sure enough, they’d started the new cell towers and everyone was now under full control

There were pockets of resistance. He was sure they were out there somewhere. He had to find support. Online he’d found a site for others like him. But it seemed there were less and less all the time. Who would carry on and resist Gates and his cronies?

Joey felt so alone. 

One day a package arrived. It was the sample he’d order from Wuhan. He had to prove this plot was real. The world was about to be turned into a police state of communism, or worse. All those vaccinated people would just take over. 

It was happening. 

Joey looked again out the window and thought he saw the face of an old friend staring back at him. It wasn’t possible? Was it? 

He paced the room again. Why did it feel smaller? Think, think, think. What happened in the last six months? He was sure it was when the cell towers went live with the 5G that he saw everyone out there losing their lives and their minds. He’d warned them… why hadn’t they listened?

Joey turned and went back to his bed, why was the bed so small now? He laid himself down and closed his eyes. He willed it all to go away. He wished for a yesterday before covid and before all this fear. 

He was soo afraid.

He closed his eyes and he drifted off into a restless sleep.

“Doc do you think he will ever come out of it?” Tim stood at the window and looked in on his friend. “I mean he seems so distressed. What can we do?”

The young Asian man in the white coat stood back from the window and looked down at the chart in his hand. He looked back up toward the two friends standing at the window of the unfortunate man inside.

Dr. Yuen looked at the door and then the pair of men and spoke, “We’re not sure if his mind will ever escape the delusion he is living in. He is convinced that covid was all an elaborate hoax. He is sure that most people that have received the vaccine are either dead or dying from it. I’m not sure the exact story in his head, it changes often. But the latest is the cell towers that have 5G have somehow been activated. I think it was when the test for the emergency broadcast was sent out. That’s when he snapped. It also didn’t help he was in the hospital with covid at the time. He didn’t believe it when we told him it was the virus. He kept muttering about control. Then he would go back into the rant about the government not controlling him. We’re not sure what level of reality he can handle right now.” 

“It sure would be nice to see our old buddy back, eh Rob?” Tim looked at Rob and they both shrugged their shoulders. 

Rob looked in the window again, his muffled voice echoed back toward the other men in the room. “The last time I talked to him he seemed convinced the government was out to control him and he warned me to get out when I could. Now he’s this madman I’ve never seen before. Was the covid case that serious, did it affect his mind?”

“The virus didn’t do anything to his mind. Just when he got the positive test he was in full denial. He attacked a nurse with his catheter… we had to put him in there.” The psychiatrist shook his head and read further on the notes. “He seems to be over the covid case. No, it’s a matter of his mind coming back. If you two want to try to step into his room and see if you can find your friend in there it would be a start.

Joey lay in his single bed, sweat poured from his brow and his eyes raced in erratic movements behind his closed eyelids. He was sure the world was going to end soon. The knock on his door echoed through his head. He opened one eye and was sure he saw his friend Tim looking down on him. And there was Rob too. What were they doing there? The last time he saw them was when he unfriended them on facebook. Weird…

“Joey? You OK Joey?” It was Tim talking to him. But how was it possible they should have died in the first wave from the 5G signals. Yet there he was talking to him…: “Joey please understand there are people that love you everywhere. It didn’t turn out to be anything to do with 5G and you’re going to be just fine Just come back to us buddy” 

Joey looked around himself. There was no escape. He retreated into himself. How could they not see the truth?

Rob reached over and grabbed his longtime friend by the arm. “Come on man, come back to us. Just get the vaccine and you will be fine.” Gently, he turned Joey over to face him. “It’s ok brother. Just come back to us. The vaccine has been proven to work.” 

“Hah ! They can’t get me now. You two must be plants, or worse yet, you’re zombies”. Joey looked back at his buddy. He pulled free, grabbed his phone, and started scrolling.

Rob and Tim looked at each other. With a sigh, they turned and left the room. Joey was too far gone. Perhaps back in 2021, they should have tried an intervention to find a way to help him back then. Now in December 2022, it was too late. The pandemic was over for almost everyone. Except those few that continued to refuse the shot. Poor Joey and the rest like him. 5G towers controlling the world with the covid vaccine being the trigger. That was his latest theory… Wow just wow.

“I hope one day Joey and others like him learn to trust and accept that the vaccine is the fastest, safest way to free ourselves,” Rob said to Tim as they walked from the room.

“I just hope our friend can return to us one day,” Tim responded as they shut the door.


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