May 21

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I went into Ktown today and it was clear that people are no longer staying at home. Traffic has returned to near-normal levels. I do miss that part of the lockdown. Going for lunch is something I am grateful for as we return to a new normal. I think that many people have given up on the virus and have dismissed the imminent threat.

I tend to agree.

Based on the government numbers in the interior health region there have been 183 cases, 178 recovered, 2 deaths and 1 person is in hospital. I am not sure where the other two people are but I assume they are on the road to recovery. This is the total number in over two months of shutting down our economy. We are winning… at what cost?

I know this insidious virus is still lurking out there somewhere. Waiting to pounce? Or not as contagious as was once thought. We must remain vigilant, we must remain clean. Hygiene is now very important and if we remain diligent I think we will be alright. I hope people have learned.

I met some people for lunch at Ricky’s today. It’s interesting how different restaurants are doing things to a different level in the new coronaverse. Ricky’s waitress had a mask on the whole time she served us and they had menus that they disposed of after we used them. At Kelly’O’s the other night, no one was wearing a mask. Tonight I met my wife at Wings for dinner and the hostess had a mask but the waitress did not. When she delivered our food she came out all masked up. Strange days indeed.

Stranger still for the servers who are now back to work after two months off. Our long road to recovery is taking its first baby steps this week.

I rode my bicycle to meet my wife for dinner. She had gotten a haircut and wanted to celebrate. We are celebrating small victories this week.

I haven’t decided if I am cutting my hair yet, I know I need one but I am rebelling inside. How long can I go? I had the classic mullet when I was young. I want it back, but for some reason my wife objects. I never was one to keep up with trends. I love to march to my own beat.

Society is on the verge of an epiphany. We have changed so much in the past two months. Have we learned from it? I am learning every day. I rode my bike home and learned that I want to ride more. I have also learned that I have a desire and a dream. Life is about following our dreams. I will follow mine I hope you will too.

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