May 20

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Sunshine cracked through the blinds and tickled my eyelids. I woke up again to the same story once more. A new normal, a new day.

Captain Rob came over again and we organized our safe work plan for physical distancing. We have a written plan now and are prepared to offer boat rides for up to six people. Our website has traffic and it looks better than it has in a long time.

It is nice to see that we have a plan to reopen. Restaurants, hairdressers, optional surgery, June 1 kids can go back to school one day a week. One day? That is not going to do much and it is not going to help beleaguered parents. Still it is something and it is movement in the right direction. It is a plan!

Rob and I have a plan. I will start to push fishing more and we are rigging up the big boat to take people out. My smaller fishing boat is impossible to physical distance on so the big boat will have to do. We are mounting down-riggers and getting it set up. If we can’t take tourists, at least I will be able to take friends. At the very least we have a plan.

Routine has become part of our new normal. The routine consisted of another walk this evening.

Our evening walk teamed us up with some neighbours again and their little dog as well. I can’t help but think of the wizard of oz. Unfortunately we can’t click our heals together and hope to go home. We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.  If you understand that reference you may be getting long in the tooth.

The sunset was spectacular again this evening. It started across the lake. Little White Mountain glowed beneath an orange and red sky. The clouds were erupting above the peak of the mountain. It looked as if the sky itself were ablaze. Little White seemed to be almost volcanic in nature. As the moments passed we all absorbed the beauty of the painted sky. We connected with our walk and in the breathtaking wonder of an Okanagan evening.

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