January 9, 2024 Ski day

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Snow filtered from the skies above and coated the mountain with a blanket of joy. Fifteen centimetres of light fluffy powder added to the previous week of winter wonder. The season started slowly, now with all this new snow, the rocks were finally disappearing.

Barrman stared out the window of his sister’s car as they rounded the last curves to Big White Mountain. “Looks pretty sweet out there, even though there isn’t much to see.”

“I’m excited despite all the fog. It isn’t quite what I’d hoped for. When I think of coming to the mountain, I think of the big sky and seeing the mountain tops.” Sally said. 

“I doubt you’ll see any mountain tops today. But it is living up to the name Big White.” Barrman glanced at Sally, “The snow looks great. This should be a good day.”

The two siblings hadn’t skied together for a few years. It was a last-minute decision for Sally to join Barrman on his trip to the hill. A decision that he hoped they would enjoy. When they looked at the snow pounding down from the sky it felt like the right thing to do. 

It was going to be a powder day after all.

The last turn behind them, Sally parked the car and they went inside to grab her day pass. While she stood at the desk Barrman waited, he saw the head Man in Black, Darc and they smiled and shook hands. Then from across the room came Blakester a friend Barrman hadn’t seen in a couple of years.

“Barrman! Great to see you! How you doin?” Blakester embraced Barrman. 

“Great, Blakester. It looks like it will be an epic day out there. I hope to see you on the slopes,” Barrman turned and saw Sally approach, “This is my sister, Sally. Sally this is Blakester. Nice to see ya man have an awesome day.” They shook hands, Barrman smiled at Darc and they rushed off to put on their gear. 

“The powder has brought everyone out,” Barrman chuckled to his sister as they jumped back into the car. 

Twenty minutes later they slid up to the bottom of the Ridge Rocket Express and were rushed into the heavens. The low cloud was thick and they peered at the slopes below. 

“Looks like there is a lot of new snow, now if only we can see where we are going.” Sally’s eyes betrayed her nerves. 

“It will be awesome, besides seeing is overrated. Just ski by feel.”

Barrman took a deep breath and pushed off the top of the chair, “Let’s see if we can find somewhere you can see where we are going. We’ll head for the Black Forest before too many other people show up.”

He felt like he was floating in a sea of white. He knew where he was going and what every part of the mountain looked like. Even though it all looked like a mass of white. Barrman stopped and waited, watching for his sister to follow. It was a powder day. Sometimes there are no friends on a powder day. 

But there is family.

So he waited and watched. He made sure she was safe. For a moment he wondered if this was a mistake. After all it was the first powder day of the season and his buddy Big Boarder was on his way to the the hill. Would she be upset because she couldn’t see? Would she struggle with the conditions and the powder?

“Woohoo, that’s awesome!” Sally beamed with delight as they coasted up to the chairlift. “I’m sure glad we came.”

“Me too sis.”

Barrman’s phone rang a little while later. It was Big Boarder. “Dude it’s wicked out here. Where are you?”

“We’re at the Black Forest.”

“Ok wait for me at the top I’m right behind you”

Now not only was there family on a powder day – there were friends too. Barrman thought briefly if he might run into Blakester but he knew that there was little chance. Besides it would be enough with the three of them. 

“Where too dude?” Big Boarder grinned as he slid up to  Barrman and Sally at the top of the Black Forest Chair.

“Easter Chutes?”

“Let’s do it!” 

The three ski buddies launched off the top of the Bullet chair and looked at the Easter Chutes on the right. It was open, only a couple of tracks had pierced the freshly fallen snow. Barrman turned to Sally and grinned, “Want to come with us or meet at the Black Forest Chair?” 

“I think I’ll just meet you guys at the chair.” Sally shrugged and turned the other way. 

“This is going to be epic buddy,” Barrman whooped with joy and stood at the top of one the steepest tree runs at Big White. He waited while Big Boarder buckled in and then turned his skis downward.

With each turn, he plummeted toward the valley below. Trees brushed by and powder flew in his face. Hollars of joy filled the air and the two buddies embraced the moment. For a wonderous few minutes, nothing in the world mattered to Barrman. All his troubles and stresses disappeared as he descended through the fresh untouched snow. It was over too soon and he slid back to lift.

“That’s what it’s about man, what an awesome run!” Barrman pumped his fists in the air and slid up to Sally waiting in the line.

They cruised back to the village for a quick lunch and Barrman met Big Boarder for a journey into a twilight zone of powder. The Falcon Bowl was a delicious journey of untouched wonder and they rode tight trees back to the bottom to connect with Sally once more. The ski buddies high-fived and Big Boarder headed back to the real world. 

Barrman and Sally laughed and watched the white world spin by as they made their final ascent on the Ridge Rocket Chair.

“I’m sure glad we came today,” Sally said as they reached the top of the last run. “My body will remember and so will my heart.”

“Me too sis. Loved skiing with you today. I didn’t mind waiting one bit and I’m really glad we shared this connection. We’ll have to do it again.”

The two siblings shared a final run of glory to the village and back to the car. The ride to town enabled them to connect some more and it was a satisfying end to a glorious powder day.


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