December 26, 2023 A long time since my last one

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December has flown by in the blink of an Eye. I have been so busy renovating my house that writing a big has felt like an onerous task at the end of the day. 

Really, it isn’t that hard. 

But still, I sit down from all the work I was doing and stare at the screen. 

And get sucked into nothingness. Social media, news sites, and other useless mundane things have taken over my daily blog writing. I wish I could write that I have been too busy on my second book.

But that would be a lie.

The weather has had something to do with my lack of writing as well. This time last year the cold had grasped the Okanagan in a grip that never let up. This year it has been some of the mildest weather I’ve ever seen. There was one day of snow and barely any rain. Hell, the temps have been so mild I’ve even been in the garden and not needed any gloves. 

They call it El Nino. I find it pretty awesome. I’ve finished the exterior plywood on my house and hope to install new Hardie Board siding over the next few weeks. The forecast calls for plus temps for the foreseeable future. 


Enough of whining and lamenting my lack of writing. The fact is I’ve been busy and my life seems to be reverting to how it was in the Before Times. Before Covid came along and stopped the world. Now the world is going at a million miles an hour again. 

And all of a sudden it was Christmas.

At least I finished my Christmas shopping on December 23rd. A day early. 

So today I sat down and decided it was time to write a blog. It’s a far cry from the days when the viral foe showed its ugly head and I had lots of time to write, and lots to write about. 

I still have lots of things I could be writing about… but no time. At least that’s what I tell myself. Is that true? Not entirely, just a lack of motivation has overtaken me. 

And no idea why.

So I sit here and type away, random thoughts flowing from my fingers. 

A quick recap of the last month: I discovered that I do indeed know how to use a skill saw. Also, know how to drill and to measure. Things I’ve been forced into. My friend and neighbour called and told me he was out of work for a couple of weeks and would have time to help me finish the outside of the house. A project began back in March. I added four inches of insulation and was planning on putting Hardie Board on top. So we started and had a couple of days of work.

Then he got the call.

His boss had some work for him so he couldn’t help the next day. It was up to me to carry on and make progress. I had a couple of others help me but I discovered not that many people want to help out. Even though I paid them for their time. It was time to get it done on my own and by myself.

And I managed to do it without injuring myself or wrecking anything. 

Boxing day came and the weather was still warm so I tried to install the house wrap on my own. That became a job too hard. So I asked my honey for help. She helped but it was still very difficult alone. 

So now I am waiting for someone to help. And I have time to write a blog.

I look forward to finishing the house and moving forward in 2024 with my next book and my next chapter in life.

One screw at a time.

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