November 1, 2023 Time flies

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They say time flies when you’re having fun. Time also flies when you’re not. As we get older every day seems to blur the lines and pass in a blink of an eye.

It seems like only yesterday I was taking my daughter to go trick-or-treating with her friends. We would select a costume for her to wear and I would put on makeup and dress up as a pirate or some other crazy costume. We tried to avoid the big costume stores, we’d go to Value Village and find something simple and make it our own. One year she wore a tiger outfit, the next year we made one out of a mask I got in New Orleans. They were fun days of adventure and excitement. At the end of the evening, we would go through her candy and separate what was going to her mom’s and what would stay at our place. 

Simple times. The biggest debate was how many Aero chocolate bars went where. 

Then in a flash, we spent the weekend prior to Halloween traveling to Calgary to see an open house for the University of Calgary. My little girl is no longer concerned with playing dress up. Now she’s concerned with what university to attend and what classes to take.

How did it happen so fast?

Halloween came this year and it was no longer about my little girl and going out to get candy. She found her own costume and wore it to work. No trick-or-treats here. Those days are gone. 

How did it go without me seeing it?

I understand the sage words of my father. “Make the most of every moment son. You never know went the moments will be gone.”

Now he’s gone too. Nine years ago as a matter of fact. And my kid is almost eighteen. She’s racing to adulthood, and I can’t stop it. 

Every day just keeps racing by. 

I long for simpler days when the biggest issue was what costume to wear. Now I’ve gotten so busy that I barely have time to prepare my own costume. In life, we all wear a costume when we go out the door. Just that at Halloween we spend time making that costume different than our everyday one. 

Honey and I had very little time to prepare for our big Halloween night out. This year it was about going to the Edgewater in Peachland and watching a band play music. In less than an hour we recycled and refreshed some old costumes and jumped in the car with our friends. It was an adult Halloween this year. My wife wore a tiger outfit and I wore a black and white striped outfit with a whip and went as the tiger trainer. 

And we won the best costume. 

It proved that as we get older we can still have fun with Halloween. 

No matter how fast time flies, we need to take a bit of time and have some fun. A Tuesday night Halloween party at The Edgewater was just the ticket.

A chance to slow the world, enjoy some music, and dance to the rhythm of the band. We danced like no one was watching. Because, hey when you’re dressed up in a costume no one is watching the real you anyway.

We made the most of the moment with our friends on a Halloween night in Peachland. Because we never know when it won’t come again.

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