October 18, 2023 Back On The Ladder Again.

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 The peace of Big White mountain embraced every fibre of my being. I stared at the reflection of the valley behind me. From my perch atop a 32-foot ladder I stared at gold and red painted on a blue canvas. For a brief minute, I stopped my climb. Everything was still I embraced the view and allowed it to flow through my soul. Music flowed in my headset and I was in the zone. 

A zone we all search for.

I released my breath, looked down resuming my climb. There was work to do. Windows to clean. I thought I was done cleaning windows. 

Yet there I was climbing a big ass ladder and scrubbing my ass off. I felt like a bit of an ass.

Still, I know what I am doing and I am good at cleaning windows. Besides the exercise will get me in shape for ski season. Get in shape, it’s a good theory. At least I was getting exercise. 

The morning started out slowly. I met the appliance repair guy and he reset my machine. 200 bucks because I forgot to turn the water on before I turned on the wash. And I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. 

Time to go to work and make enough to pay for my screw-up. then I screwed up again, I stopped for a sandwich at the market and forgot to buy cream for my morning coffee. First world problem I know…

I stood in front of my last window, darkness coated the glass. The sunset was a brief echo on my being.

It was 630 and night crept over everything. Seconds later the twilight faded away.

I stopped on the ladder and held myself. The last words to the song Daylight by Shinedown echoed through my head.  

I stopped the music and released my headphones. A stillness rushed through my awareness. It was more than just my sight. It was every sensation I had.


Those of you who have stood in that space understand the beauty of absolute. Quiet.

I had to be the one to break the spell. 

My day was ended it was time for dinner at the Bullwheel and a refreshment for good measure. 

I was back cleaning windows. Caught between celebrating and mourning. I never planned on returning to window cleaning. Yet the world is getting more expensive every day. It’s a way I know how to make money. Soon enough there will be colder temperatures, the snow will fly and all will be rewarded. My legs will be stronger. So will my singing voice.

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