October 7, 2023 A Beautiful Day

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I’d been home from my European adventure for six days and I had a fishing tour on the boat. The weather couldn’t be any better. I set out from the dock in Peachland with high hopes for a morning fishing trip. The sun peered over the mountain while red and gold colours painted the sky.

It was good to be alive.

Even if it was a little cool, I knew the temperatures would surely rise and the lake was as smooth as a mirror. The reflection of the sky and the mountain filled my soul with a sense of belonging. I was happy to be back in my home country, I soaked in the scene and reflected on the fortune we all have living in such a wonderful place. 

At thirty-five miles per hour, the ride from Peachland to the Waterstreet Boat Launch took less than half an hour and I was thrilled to be able to pull up to the dock and get all the fishing gear ready. At seven-thirty eight my group of intrepid fishermen wandered onto the dock. I could tell they were moving a little slowly, probably due to celebrating the night before. They were there on a mission to enjoy the lake and search for a Rainbow Trout.  They were also celebrating the upcoming wedding of the groom.

I reminded them of all the safety measures in place on my vessel and we set out from the dock. It was fishing, not catching I told them and we cruised under the bridge and headed out to dip our lines in the depths of Okanagan Lake.

The water was so smooth we could see the sky shining back up at us from the water surrounding the boat. The only ripple on the water was from the wake of our boat as we trolled the middle of the water. 

In tense anticipation, we hoped for a prize fish. After two hours we hoped for any fish.

Then it happened. Fish on! I handed the rod to the groom and he wound it in hoping for a large prize. But we could tell as it got closer it was an average fish at best. At least it was a fish. They set it back into the depths with instructions to go get bigger.

At least we weren’t skunked.

I kept them out a little longer hoping for another chance. Alas, it was fishing and not catching and the group of revellers disembarked back at the dock. They did catch something including a buzz.

Now I had the long ride back to Peachland. I’d already shed my pant legs and was enjoying the warmth of the sun glowing down on me. The lake was still a mirror that reflected the joy of the moment back at me. I set the boat at twenty miles per hour and cranked up the music.

And I danced.

There were a few boats on the lake, but I didn’t care.

The music filled my boat and it filled my soul. A joy surrounded me as I lost myself to the music. The rhythm and beat of Led Zeppelin took control of my body and I let myself go. I danced in the middle of the pontoon boat as I cruised south toward my destination. I flowed past a group of fishermen and wondered if they were watching me lose myself in the music.

But I didn’t care.

The joy of the music filled me with a feeling of calm joy that soared with the lifting beat of the drum and the cascading rhythm of the guitars. I was in a world all to myself.

And the music played on.

And I danced some more.

It was a fantastic way to end an amazing season on the Okanagan Lake. I cruised back into the dock, my soul satiated with musical therapy. I thought back to all the wonderful people and amazing times I’d had this past year. I didn’t know if I made any money, but I didn’t care. All my troubles melted away.

I reveled in the fact I have the vast fortune of being where I belong. On the lake in a piece of paradise. 



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