May 6, 2023 King Charles III

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“Long live the king.”

The call echoed through the streets of Britain this past weekend. There was pomp and ceremony, pageantry and opulence. Months after his mother died Charles from the House of Windsor became the newest King Of Brittian and the Commonwealth. After years of speculation and waiting he became the newest monarch in the world’s oldest continuous monarchy. It was a scene right out of a Disney movie. 

Some might argue that it belongs in the movies. Not the real world. The time for a person to be crowned king because he was born into it should be long over and soon forgotten. 

There is no need in the modern world for Kings and Queens.

Yet judging by the crowds many would disagree.

It certainly was a huge expense and there were a lot of people watching from all over the world. King Charles is now officially the head of state for the Commonwealth. And that includes Canada.

Meanwhile, millions across the world struggle to feed themselves. The gap between rich and poor grows wider every day.  

At least ol’ Charlie tries to make it appear he cares. Or perhaps he truly does care. 

He has many good works and charities. He has been campaigning for our environment and for the poor. 

But when I see pictures of him and his wife Camilla wearing the audacious crowns on their heads I can’t help but look and wonder. what made him king? Why in a world as modern as the one we are in do they still cling to old traditions like this? 

I’ve spent my entire life with a Queen as the supposed head of state for Canada. It never really bothered me, somehow a queen seemed less intimidating. More like a real thing than some form of fairy tale. But here we are, King of England. It seems quite surreal.

Now they want to change the picture on our money. How much will that cost?

How much does the Royal family cost the taxpayers? In 2021 that number was 108 million dollars. Imagine how many poor and homeless could be helped with that money. But of course, that money would never go where it could be used wisely for the less fortunate. It would merely go to some other wealthy person.

When you look at the tradition of royalty even the terms reek of a despotic nature. The King and his subjects… All about servitude and ruling the masses. The best satire that truly nails the nature of kingship was by Monty Python in the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I’m happy for those who love royalty that they had their moment in the sun. I hope King Charles can make a mark on the world in a positive way. Our world needs as much positivity as it can find.

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