March 11, 2023 Three Years

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Three years ago the WHO declared Covid 19 a pandemic. It felt like it was another world away. But it only took a couple of days until it was declared a health emergency in Canada. Two weeks, they said. Two weeks of social distancing and washing hands and it would all be over – two weeks…

Three years ago.

Officially it still isn’t over. But in the minds of the vast majority of people, it has been over for quite some time.

Our world has changed a great deal since the day they announced the viral infection spreading across the globe was indeed a pandemic. Pandemic was a word most of us heard in history books. It became all too real. For many people, it was a deadly disease that altered or even worse ended their lives. For others, it was no worse than the common cold. But there was nothing common about it. And that was the problem.

At first, none of it made sense, why close down the world? Why not protect the vulnerable and the weak? We were told our healthcare system couldn’t handle the influx of patients and that people would die from other ailments because they couldn’t get treatment while our hospitals were full of covid patients. Was it more a failure of the system than any real concern over a virus?

Still, the restrictions worked. Our beleaguered healthcare system survived.

Our society did not do as well.

Divisions already apparent before the pandemic were exacerbated. Some people pushed back and called it a scamdemic or even worse a plandemic. Accusations of corruption have flooded the internet and there are still people who believe the viral scare was created to control people to enable the wealthy to gain some form of sinister control over the rest of the world.

In some ways, the wealthy have gained that control. They certainly have gotten a lot more wealthy since it all began.

In my heart, I believe the healthcare professionals and the so-called experts did the best they could with what they had. Unfortunately, there were those that took advantage of the situation for their own profit. 

It has created some good changes over the last thirty-six months. In my life, it prompted me to follow a new path. I’m almost done my book and have embarked on a new career as a writer. I will succeed on this path in life – I have no other choice. 

I hope you succeed in the path you have chosen since the madness began.

Three years since it all became official. How many years it will take to recover? 

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