January 3, 2023

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Here comes the Kraken.

No, not some strange sea monster. Something stranger ye t; a new covid variant. Yes, they are now naming Omicron Covid after a mythical sea creature.

I guess XBB1.5 wasn’t enough to scare everyone anymore.

So the media announced another variant. the Kraken. Yet the Kraken isn’t sending people to the hospital, it isn’t killing anyone. So why do they continue to spread the word about the latest covid variants? Don’t they realize almost everyone is desensitized by now?

No one is listening to the media that cried wolf.

Covid is now a part of our lives. Unfortunately for some people, it has changed their lives and they now deal with the aftermath of their infection. But the vast majority of people have either had it or the vaccine and now have begun to carry on with their lives. To me, the fact that China has now stopped quarantining people and opened things back up is an indication that the fatal effects of the virus have passed and it is now endemic. 

When I heard the announcement about the latest covid variant on the radio I couldn’t help but change the station. I was a long-time supporter of our media and the health care system. I still support the health care system but I think it is high time our government supported the system as well. We need more doctors and nurses, we need more healthcare facilities to treat those who need it. For far too long health care has been the first place that governments like to cut back. It is after all the most expensive part of running a country. 

So why not start with the young people of today? How about a grant system to encourage more young people to go into health care? Make the cost of schooling affordable so that a student who goes into medicine is rewarded. We don’t need more tech people we need more medical people, and we need people who will give back to society. 

Our governments need to think about the future. If we had better facilities and more professionals would our hospitals be overloaded every time there is a pandemic? No is the simple answer. Unfortunately, there are no simple answers. Yet having people waiting months for surgeries costs far more to society than it would if we invested in education for the future.

Too many politicians get elected saying look at me I saved millions of dollars. Saving those millions, in the long run, cost us billions. 

So yes beware the Kraken. It is here and it is here to stay. Let’s elect people that will put the future before the present. It is time to invest in a better world. There will be more pandemics and there will be more variants the best solution is to be better equipped to treat the sick and help the unfortunate.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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