November 30, 2022 sick again

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I moaned into the night. My body sweat and my head was pounding. I must have gone through a whole box of kleenex that day. 

It started with a sneeze.

I skied the morning, enjoying fresh tracks on the fourth chair. It wasn’t until we got back into town that I started to feel under the weather.

I kept sneezing.

So as my energy escaped my body I decided to try having a bath. Usually, a hot bath will sweat the sickness out of my body. 

Not this time.

This time I felt worse after a long hot bath. I barely had the energy to make it up the stairs to bed. While soaking in the tub I took a covid test, my wife was concerned about her elderly parents. so why not just make sure?


It seems like every time I have been really sick I have a negative test, when I am positive, I have barely any symptoms. Almost makes me wish it was covid… almost.

It’s not just me who has been sick. It seems a cold has been going around. Lots of people have had colds lately. But did mine have to lay me up so bad? 

Did it mean I had to miss the best powder day in a long time? Apparently, it did. It’s pretty hard to invoke the 20 cm rule when I can’t even get out of bed. Of course, it was a 22 cm day of fresh deep champagne pow. 

Instead, I sat at home feeling sorry for myself.

How did I get so sick?

How come so many people are sick this year? 

After two years of masking up, masks obviously kept infection down. But it also seems like it has lessened our natural immunity. I’ve had more colds these last three months than I have had in the three years before covid. 

Masks do work, but they also limit our natural immunity to infection. So what is better? Should we just take our chances and get sick, or should we wear masks and stay safe? I know I would prefer to stay unmasked and allow my body to protect me from infections. I hope that I feel better really soon. Unless I still feel this bad in the morning, I might see a doctor and get some antibiotics…

I hope to feel better tomorrow. I hope there is still some powder in the mountains. 

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