November 20, 2022 First Turns

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Sunshine enveloped Big White Village in an endless glow. The deep blue sky held a promise of a day of wonder for intrepid early-season skiers. Crisp mountain air brought a feeling of energy and life to the mountain community. It was opening weekend and the hill was basking in a bluebird day.

Big White Resort said there was a base of 75 cm. A base already pushed down by two days of skiing. Yet it was an exhilarating feeling pressing a ski into the snow. There were very few fresh-groomed tracks available only six real runs were open to get down from the top of the Ridge. Yet the feeling of sliding on snow lifted the energy and soothed the soul. 

Serwa’s green run was smooth and carvable, skiers of all levels connected with the glorious sun, the smooth snow, and a renewed feeling of exhilaration. 

It was like an old friend returned from a time away.

The lines grew as the day went on. By 10:30 there was a eight minute wait to board the chair, Some people wondered why they didn’t open the Snow Ghost chair as well. Imagine if everyone was on the limited runs there were.

In the lines people smiled and remembered how to wait there turn, most did anyway. There were moments of confusion but everyone was just happy to be there.

And the lift spun to the top once more.

The sun gleamed off the top of them mountains, yet almost everyone was hoping for clouds. Hoping for snow.

Another day on skis and another day in a mountain paradise. The runs filled with snowboards and skis, big people and small. The alpine filled with joy.

Ski season 2022-2023 has begun.

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