Oct 23 2021

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They announced the lifting of some restrictions in our province this week. As of Oct 25, there will no longer be restrictions on the capacity for any indoor events in BC – mostly, sort of. In the north and parts of interior health and Frasier health regions, they have kept restrictions in place where vaccination rates are low.

Why do we still have to wear masks indoors then? 

I am so confused.

And that is the problem and the reason there is so much push back. On one side there are those people that think we need to keep things locked down until there are no more cases of covid. On the other side there are people that think we should open right up and get rid of vaccine mandates and passports – the so-called freedom fighters.

A year ago we were told that there would be no region-specific restrictions, the whole province would have the same rules. Now they have opened up for concerts and events without limits, except where they don’t.

I feel sorry for the health experts. 

They are flailing around playing a giant guessing game. If they get it wrong more people could die and we will end up back where we were eighteen months ago. But if they keep us locked down people will rebel and then the backlash may be worse. 

Strange days indeed.

I was in a safety course for rigging concerts this past week. It is a strong indication things will open up, concerts are coming back. We were told to wear our masks in the venue – even though everyone is fully vaccinated we couldn’t remove our masks during the course. So why was the teacher not wearing his mask? When we walked around the sprawling facility no one working there was wearing masks… But it’s a mask-only facility.

I think it’s time to do away with masks for the fully vaxxed and to go back to normal. If the vaccines work as they say then it shouldn’t matter. Why are the ones that have done everything to stay safe and gotten the vaccine still being punished for those few people that still refuse? The health officials don’t even wear masks everywhere. Dr. Henry was photographed maskless at a BC Lions football game.

We went to a restaurant for dinner and wore our masks to sit down. And then took them off. Meanwhile, other people walked to the bathroom and forgot to put on their masks. How can we gain some consistency and find a way to stay safe? I support the people that are hired to protect us from ourselves but if the message stays so confusing then people will start to give up. I know I am.

It is time to move forward. This week’s announcement regarding removing restrictions on indoor gatherings is a step in the right direction. The next thing is to find some consistency in the message and move to resume our lives as they were in the before times. Our physical health is being protected, it’s time to work on our mental health as well. Will removing facemasks do that? 

It would be a start.

Soon, I hope we can go out and see everyone’s smiling face again…

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