Sept 20, 21 election day

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Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada just spent 650 million dollars of taxpayer money on an election we didn’t need or want. The result? Nothing changed. The Liberals still have a minority government, the Greens still have two seats and the Bloc Quebecois have the same amount of seats in Quebec. Meanwhile, Trudeau continues to spin things to try to make himself look good. 

What a waste.

The Prime Minister of Canada claimed victory because he could do nothing else. Yet the people of Canada lost. We lost hundreds of millions of dollars and six weeks of action that these people could have spent governing the country. When the election was called, legislation that was on the table and in the house of commons died on the floor.

More money wasted… 

If Trudeau had a realistic chance for a majority I could almost understand calling an election. In the middle of a pandemic, during a surge of cases… But he is so out of touch with the country he governs he actually believed enough people supported the Liberals that they could win.

Instead, everyone lost.

Including the leader of the Green Party Annamae Paul. I have been a supporter of many aspects of the Green party platform over the years. Unfortunately, the Green party has faded from relevance in the last few years. Where will they go from here? Another leadership election? More money wasted… 

Will the cons continue with Erin O’Toole? He did a good job bringing the conservatives closer to the centre and the hope was they would be more like Brian Mulroney’s Progressive Conservatives than Stephen Harpers Conservatives. Still, the cons went nowhere, I wonder if they will look for another leader again? More money wasted.

There has got to be a better way. 

When the Liberals won in 2015 I distinctly remember Trudeau proclaiming it would be the last election that would be decided on first past the post… His first election promise was broken. The only thing he didn’t break was legalizing the demon weed, even that was a mess… More money wasted.

I hope the Liberals take this election result as a lesson. I hope we don’t have to go to the polls again for four years and the people in Ottawa can do what they were elected for – to run this country properly.

Dare to dream…

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