July 25,2021

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Days have melted together in the summer heat. I have not had a day off in over a month. It’s like when I used to run my window cleaning business. I get hours off instead of days.

I shouldn’t complain about the first-world problem of being busy on a boat. Still, my time is being drained away. I’m losing the time I had in covid, time to write, time to garden, time to live. I fear being sucked away into a vortex of busyness. I also make more mistakes when I’m this busy. Mistakes like spilling my full glass of pop on my laptop keyboard. Writing with sticky keys can be a challenge, to say the least.

After struggling with my laptop for the last few weeks I went to London Drugs and bought an external keyboard. Apparently, I’m lucky that sticky keys are the worst thing that happened. I was told I am doing ok if the worst problem is sticky keys. Sticky brain is the other problem I’ve had lately. Between the heat and the lack of sleep, I have made stupid mistakes. Dumb things like pushing the tube onto the upper level of the dock in Westbank and ripping the bottom and jabbing a huge sliver into the tube… I’m sure the nice lady sitting there didn’t need to hear me swearing at myself. 

More first-world problems indeed.

Luxury Lake Tour’s new boat has been a boon to business and the summer has become the busiest and warmest one I have ever had. And it’s only July 25. With all the heat has come problems with fires, and a lake level that is rapidly dropping. A boat mechanic I know has told me that they are taking boats off their slips in front of people’s houses earlier than ever before. Strange times in the Okanagan. 

I won’t even mention the traffic…

Where is everyone coming from and where is all the money from? The streets are packed and hotels are jammed full. The summer heat has been relentless. Winter will come soon enough so I will do what I can to enjoy every minute of the incessant heat.

At the same time, I’m ready for some rain…

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