April 5, 2021 A season to remember

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She stood atop the sun-baked slopes. It was a bluebird day and the wind whipped across the peak of Big White Mountain. It was April 5, Easter Monday and this was the last day of an epic season of riding in the coronaverse.

Liz’s one-piece skisuit was straight out of 1989 and her hair was freshly cut to match. She flicked on her smartphone’s video camera and shared her first run on the last day with facebook land. Her snowboard cut the crisp slopes of the wide-open groomer and her smile beamed in reflection of the amazing day. It was a spectacular end to an incredible season on snow.

What a day! A day so bright she had to share.

Her luminescent pink multi-coloured one-piece reflected her enthusiastic personality. She stared out at the slopes through her glowing green glasses that hugged her face like they were an extension of her eyes. Shining with a glow deeper than her crazy one-piece, she slid forward on her snowboard. The firm groomed snow under her feet rocketed by and she felt thrilled with every turn.

The miracle of modern technology allowed Liz to share the first run on the last day of a season to remember. It was a season of amazement and this run was a celebration of it all. A celebration of life, of being carefree, she beamed with excitement and pride as she shared her love of the mountain. She shared herself and a devil may care attitude, it was awesome.

“She is groomed and ready to roll…Yee hoo!” The young snowboarder shouted with glee. Liz had the run to herself and she joyfully carved the freshly groomed corduroy snow.

It was a solid start to a final day. She sent a call out to all that could be there. With joy, she shared the bright deep blue sky that felt unending. It was with a bittersweet feeling of triumph and sorrow that she connected with the mountain to begin one last day.

Preening for the camera Liz felt her newly adopted hairstyle, a mullet worn with pride. Her ski suit, her hair, and the sun reflected her joy and exuberance at being able to ride one more day. The turns were hard and fast and she effortlessly turned her board and cruised her way down the run. It was automatic and sweet. Her feeling of connection with the mountain was something hard to explain and harder yet to compare.


It was the true meaning of freedom. She felt sorry for those that have never experienced the pure feeling of freedom of sliding down a hill. Skiers were ok but it was her snowboard that gave her the most pleasure.

She gleefully blew kisses at Telus Park as she cruised by. What a day, what a glorious year. Her smile beamed into the camera and she sent all her love and energy into the digital universe.

Liz wondered if anyone watched it and if they felt the same joy as she did. She didn’t care. She only cared that she was loving every second of the moment.

Liz rocked the slopes of Big White Ski Resort one last time for the season that almost wasn’t. In the end, it was one of the best. Liz thought of everyone back in her home country with hopes that next year they could all feel the same carefree joy.

Next season… All everyone can do is wait and hope.

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Jon · April 6, 2021 at 11:24 am

Nice writing Cal.

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