Sometime in the last 3 months…

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She lay on the big recliner, the leather was smooth to the touch and the soft pillow cushioned her side. She drowsed and stretched out her legs then curled up against the pillow and purred with contentment.

Gabby felt the shadow before she saw it. The tall figure leaned over her and gently shuffled her to her side. She pushed her to the edge. Normally Gabby would jump up and wander off. This time she stayed and shared her space.

Gently she rolled on top of K-Dee’s lap and snuggled in closer. Stretching her neck she leaned in for a rub on the belly. It was a new sensation. She had never stayed that long before and she soaked in the feeling of warmth and comfort.

Slowly, she drifted back to sleep.

Dreams of chasing a butterfly across the grass flittered in her brain. Warm rays of the sun heated her back and she tumbled off the edge of the yard. Turning her head she felt a gentle rub and a scratch under the ear.

Drearily she woke up with the sudden movement of her friend. Her soft lap pushed downward and the graceful feline leaped down. She licked herself and sauntered off across the dining room to get a drink in the kitchen.

She really liked being snuggled on the chair. It was new, it was something she had never done in her life before. But she felt comforting energy emanating from the people around her. The big loud Barrman seemed less imposing, more relaxed. Maybe she should try his lap next.

There he was, he was headed for the chair K-Dee had just vacated. It was her chair, but she would share it. She wandered over and circled the recliner. Was he going to stay there? He looked pretty comfy, the lap looked pretty inviting.

She leaped up and on to it. It was warm, she dug her claws in for a quick second just to check. It would be a nice place to snuggle in. Why had she never done this before?

“Look hon, Gabby is becoming a lap cat.” The man’s deep voice echoed over her ears.

This week I am happy to be a lap cat, she thought to herself. Who knows what next week will bring. All she knew was she liked the feeling of his hands on her belly. Rubbing her neck and pushing slowly down. It felt soo good. She purred loudly, content in the connection with her friend.

Gabby knew Barrman was home more than he used to be. She didn’t know why, but she was Ok with it. She missed the girl though and was always happy when she would be there. Especially now, when she was younger Mya was a terror.

Snowbee walked by, her tail stood up and twitched. The little white pest was always a thorn in her side ever since the big human tossed her on the bed. She never forgave him for that and never came back to the bed again.

Some things she could not forgive. 

The chair was different and she was in control. Happy and content she drifted back off into a dream of butterflies and sunshine.

Today she was happy sleeping in the lap of her man. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. At that moment she embraced the connection and snuggled in tighter. She purred gently and the two of them drifted off to sleep.

Living in the moment the two souls found a shared peace.

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Louise · March 30, 2021 at 9:00 am

You have such a lovely way of painting a picture so that the sensations are also felt. Nice!

    Victor Barr · March 30, 2021 at 5:04 pm

    Thanks! I enjoyed writing this one. Gabby and I connected and I relayed her thoughts lol.

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