November 30

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I pushed myself to leave the bed as another Sunday began on the mountain. There was no new snow at Big White but the freshly groomed corduroy called to my spirit of freedom. There is nothing quite like the true feeling of freedom attained by carving a fresh groomed run early on a Sunday morning. I revel in the pure energy and connection with the mountain and the earth around me.

Krista and I scrambled to get out the door and to the first chair. Crisp alpine air woke our senses as we walked across the road to the ski run. The chair above was spinning and we smiled and waved at the masked lifty as he floated overhead. I’m pretty sure he smiled back.

We slid on the smooth groomed surface and felt my stomach do subtle flips. I was wearing a flowered mask instead of pulling up my neck tube, it was easier and more comfortable. I also didn’t want to be one of those people with their noses sticking out like a giant pimple on my face. Flower power felt like a good way to go.

I glanced at the clock as we eased ourselves onto the Ridge Rocket Express; 8:42. Not bad but about twelve minutes late. We missed the very first tracks of the day, still, the runs would be fresh and sweet for another couple of laps at least.

People have a huge desire to be outdoors this year and the ski season has proven no different. By 9:00 am the lines started to build at the base of the chair lifts. We waited about five or ten minutes to board the chair again, not too bad at all, we’re just spoiled by years of skiing right onto the lifts. This year everything is different.

The lift lines are no exception.

I couldn’t help but notice that some select few younger people would stand in line and not cover their face with a mask or leave their nose poking out. It was weird the somersaults my stomach did waiting in line with people that were either too ignorant or too rude to make sure they covered their face. Big White wants to stay open all season; everyone must keep their face covered. We all must work together to keep our mountain home protected from the insidious viral foe that lurks in the distance. The good thing was it was few and far between that didn’t cover-up.

I hope we can keep it up.

We teamed up with a buddy and kept connecting on the runs and in the trees. We cruised on our boards into the entrance to the line for the Bullet chair. It was then we saw our first disturbance. The lifts were stopped and all heads were turned while a young snowboarder and his friend refused to completely cover their face. They were publicly shamed and escorted out of line. It wasn’t until the rebels were taken away when the lift started spinning again.

Big White is using every precaution and doing its utmost to promote safety. It really is simple; wash your hands, cover your face, and keep your 2 metres distance. I hope we can stay open for the guaranteed one hundred days. I have my doubts I will get one hundred days personally, I still hope to get halfway there. The best thing is we are outside in the mountain air and doing something we love.

I keep living the dream, even if it’s the covid dream.


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