November 28 fear and loathing in Canada

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Fear and loathing, anger and hate, words and feelings that have taken over parts of our society these days. I never thought when this pandemic began that so much animosity could occur around a small piece of cloth or paper designed to cover someone’s face. Designed to protect each other from our viral foe, masks have become a divisive item that has caused more pain than warranted.

In a Walmart in an innocent and peaceful town, a man was attacked and beaten because he wouldn’t let some asshole into the store without a mask. I don’t care what your personal opinion is on masks, if it is mandatory to wear one to shop, then wear one or don’t shop. It seems like a simple thing to be considerate and caring about our fellow human beings. No one should be violently and physically attacked because of a policy set down to stop the spread of germs. Yet here we are with angry people hurting, hating.

In Nelson, a woman asked for a mask to be worn by a customer, in response the person spit on her. That poor woman lies in hospital after suffering a heart attack in reaction to the disgusting assault. I get people don’t like to wear a mask, I hate wearing them too. It is only a small price to pay for a long term solution to our current health crisis. Assaulting the messenger verbally, or physically is completely uncalled for.

Now we are in the second wave of the Covid19 pandemic, as cases climb anxiety mounts. We all wish this was over. Many insist it is a giant hoax. If it is a hoax, then why are stories emerging of people dying and hospitals filling up. Are these all faked?

We live in the most connected generation ever and yet the disconnect between perception and reality is wider than ever before. Now people are living with fear and hate because some people want freedom at all costs.

Freedom; an age-old concept that seems to be more divisive than ever before. Where does one person’s freedom to not cover their face override someone else’s freedom from being attacked…

Sad days indeed.

In 1919, one hundred and one years ago, people tired of wearing masks. The Spanish Flu had made one round of the world and many people had died, many more were fine and unaffected. Calls of hoax and government controls swept the free nations of the world. Thousands came together in protest. When that second wave ended tens of millions lay dead.

Are we doomed to let history repeat itself?

There is hope for some. Three different companies announced they have developed a vaccine to combat the evil pandemic surging around us. What can we find to combat the evil that has been surging from within some of us? Many scream they will not get the vaccine, freedom is more important. Trust in our institutions and scientists is at an all-time low, as hope appears on the horizon, fear raises its ugly face.

Fear, the mind-killer, the little evil that blooms inside people and creates more evil. We must overcome our fear and rebuild our trust. There have been many mistakes over the years, but science has come a long way in the last hundred years. Too bad society has not.

I will continue to hope, continue to look for the good in all I can. Every day brings us closer to the end; I hope people can be kind to each other.

One day we can enjoy the simple things again. I look forward to breathing in the air without covering my face and rejoice in sharing a smile with a complete stranger.

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