November 7

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President-elect Biden. I am unsure if I expected to read those words and hear the news. I am relieved that the election in the good ol’ USA is over. It feels like they have been in some form of election that never ends. In Canada and around the world we have waited, holding our collective breath, as the count finished and a winner declared. Many people the world over now breathe a little easier.

Will Trump be a man and accept defeat?

Crazy days in the coronaverse as the mail-in ballots pushed the Democratic candidate over the top to get enough votes for victory. Now we wait for the transition of power and hope for peace. I am tired of our world being hi-jacked by America and its election process. I hope they can heal themselves and move forward to become united once again.

Joe Biden says he has a plan to battle the virus that has killed well over 200,000 Americans. Will his plan be to lock everyone in their homes until it goes away? I can’t imagine he will be able to keep the people of the US locked down. I hope he can help them recover, but in reality, what can one man do?

In BC we have set new records for case numbers of the virus, thankfully deaths remain low. In the lower mainland restrictions on social gatherings are being implemented and Dr. Henry is calling for restraint. Can we reduce the surge in new infections, will telling people to stay safe be enough? Our viral foe lurks in every shadow and corner. Some cower in fear and some boldly push forward unconcerned with the safety of themselves and others.

Now that the political storm has abated, we can celebrate a victory for the good guys(?) Now we hope to celebrate a victory against the surging virus. I remain aware and cautious, I hope we do not need to shelter from the viral storm for too long.

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