Oct 29

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Big, fat, fluffy white flakes are falling into the alpine. In the valley, the leaves have turned from green to gold and brown. On the mountain tops, the trees are being freshly coated with a layer of crisp white snow. Okanagan champagne powder has been piling up on the slopes and in the trees. It looks to be an epic season of snowfall, the base is growing steadily and even the village is gathering snow.

Mother Nature and U’lr the snow god are conspiring to make up for the shortened season that came to a sudden end in March. Big White closed with forty-five minutes’ notice last March and now we look forward to its opening. It will be a re-awakening in the nightmare we have been living in the last seven months. It will be a dream season. I hope.

I am optimistic as the base grows and snow begins to envelop the mountaintops. By January we should be knee-deep in the trees and giggling as we gobble up the powder. Our favourite runs beckon my mind as we look forward to a season like no other. A ski season that I hope will finish as scheduled, finish with a bang, and a party at the T-bar. I dream of a ski season for the ages and an ending where we will be able to come together and celebrate. I hope in six months the nightmare will be over and the dream will carry on.

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