Oct 24

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In case anyone missed it British Columbia elected a new government yesterday. I think. Sort of, for now, except if the mail-in ballots change things. The result shouldn’t change, but who knows… The NDP won the majority they sought. They succeeded in shutting down the Green wave and beat up on the Liberal party that was ill-prepared to fight an election in a pandemic.

I lost a lot of respect for John Hogan and the NDP when they called a snap election just over a month ago. It was a huge waste of taxpayer money and an opportunistic call at a time when people needed to focus on healing the province and working together. An election during a pandemic when safety is the highest concern felt wrong on many levels. I will not be voting orange in the foreseeable future.

I really had to pay attention to even know an election was happening in my province. The noise from the American election has been deafening. In Canada we do things differently, we have elections in a more subdued manner, some might call it more civilized. Between being inundated with covid19 reports and the gong show of an election down south I almost missed the election at home. I voted in early ballots and hoped that more people would give a message to Premier Horgan. The message was clear and he got the mandate he sought. Congratulations to the NDP, I hope they do a good job looking after our wonderful province.

Now we don’t need to worry about another provincial election for four more years. That is one good thing that resulted from the expensive popularity contest run in the last month. When I turned on my radio last night they were announcing a victory for the NDP and a majority. Barring a miracle in two weeks after the final count is in, we can settle in for another four years of spending our way to recovery. When the premier commented we would be living with covid for the foreseeable future my stomach sank, how long is that I wondered? I hope it is long over before the next election.

Blue sky gleams down upon the white blanket of snow that covers my world in West Kelowna. I need to turn off the news, social media, and the virtual world. I need to go outside and breathe in the crisp air.

I will continue to live each day and follow my dreams. It is all any of us can really do.

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