Oct 15

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My days were starting to slow down again. It was time to get busy and de-clutter my world.

I stared at the disaster that is my garage, the mess that developed as if on its own has begun to overwhelm me. Someone must have put all that stuff in there. I no longer have a window cleaning business so I struggled to find someone that I could blame; until I looked in the mirror.

Now it was time to clean and get organized. Now that I had the time, I needed to be effective with it.

The biggest problem I had is where to start. It was easy making the mess, why was it so hard to focus and find a starting point? I know there are people out there who are very organized; people who need structure and excel in putting things away. I was not one of those people.

The sun beamed into the windows of the garage, the rain outside had ceased. When I went out the door, the humid smell of fresh rain enveloped my senses. It was a fragrance that overtook everything; a smell I could almost feel and taste. I breathed in the aroma and proceeded to close the garage door. I left my task for another day, left for a day when the rains return. I concentrated on the outside world. I tackled the tasks left undone, jobs that I needed to do before the snows fly.

For all my adult life I have been very busy in October. I worked every daylight hour. I knew soon the temperatures would drop and the snows would blanket our world. 2020 is the first October I have not been flat out busy. It was a strange sensation, one that I struggled embracing. I decided that I need to treat my chores as a job. I may not be getting paid, but at least I am not paying someone to do these mundane tasks that shadow me.

Much like a giant junk drawer, I could only close the garage door so long before I need to clean it out. Tomorrow I hope to tackle the garage; I hope to make a real start.

Unless I fall down the rabbit hole again.

The rabbit hole of the computer, the life-sucking machine that gives and takes at the same time. I needed to find the discipline to stay focused on each task. When I ran a business it was easy to stay focused. Now it was an overwhelming piece of simplicity; take each job and complete it, then move to the next.

In the coronaverse we need to understand the simplicity of everything, to embrace the basics of life. We may not be able to travel like we once did, and we may not have live music. But we still have our family and our health.

I will take each day, each moment, and each task and do my best to complete it. I will live each day the best I can and hope that before the snow melts and summer returns we can come together again.

I hope we can live as we once did; united and free. I hope I can live a little less cluttered as well.

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