May 6

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Dreams flowed through my brain. I hovered on the edge of sleep, trying to stay in my dreams. Sleep escaped me and I awoke to my current reality. I climbed out of my dream and out of bed. I walked down the stairs and wiped the sleep from my brain to see the rain bouncing off the glass table on our patio. It was time to grind my coffee beans and start my day.

I was supposed to work outside today – the rain caused me to alter my plans. I sat at the computer and looked down the rabbit hole. Conspiracy theories are starting to take over. Plandemic, Bill Gates, Deep State; vaccines are going to get you sick. Crazier yet; micro-chips will be injected in everyone to control us. There is enough truth, enough falsehoods and enough plain bullshit that I have had enough. I slammed my computer shut in disgust and went outside. The rain in my head was still falling, fortunately the rain outside had stopped.

I went to work at the hospital today. The empty hospital. Many of the conspiracy theorists out there would say that this was proof that it is all a hoax. I believe what I am told; they planned for the worst case scenario. They planned for what happened in Italy and New York City. We live in a part of the world that doesn’t resemble anything like those places. In our little corner of the world it sure feels like an over-reaction. The BC government announced an easing of restrictions today.

We may be able to go on the boat this summer. We can go sit on a patio, and we can get together with friends. Six feet distance! One thing I am confused with in West Kelowna; are we staying two metres apart or six feet apart? When we went to the lake in West Kelowna, the signs said six feet. Most other places say two metres. No matter what it looks like, we will be social distancing for quite some time yet. We will need to make a plan to stay six feet away on the boat.

When I returned to the safety of my home my wife welcomed me with a warm hug. I am grateful for warm hugs, I am grateful for my health.  I am grateful that I live in a beautiful corner of the world. Tomorrow’s weather forecast is for sunshine. My own forecast is for more hugs.

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