April 13

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April 13, 2020

Three weeks ago today I started my journal.  I didn’t know at the time where it would take me.  I am very grateful to those who have encouraged me to continue.  When I started this record I wanted to write this so my daughter and I would have something to look back at and say it really happened. I feel we need to record these ignominious moments in time when unprecedented, historic things occur.

One month ago they shut down Big White… Five weeks we have been in some form of restrictive behavior. Restaurants, pubs and nightclubs are probably the hardest hit.  Other industries impacted are the many small businesses that rely on interaction with the public to survive.  I wonder how long some of these small business people can last?

Five weeks now and there is no real end in site.  We just keep waiting for a word, a change. I find myself getting into survival mode and adapting.  With the ski hill closed, I am home for the first time at this time of year. The yard is clean and the garden is ready to plant.

Our society is beginning to adapt, I have seen a few social distancing parties in parking lots. People sitting in their hatchbacks and lawn chairs.  I have also seen people ignoring the social distance rules, digging post holes,and kids hanging in groups together.  Rules that in other countries are far stricter some people ignore.  The longer this lasts, the fewer cases there are, more people will begin to ignore the rules. I am pretty sure we will be fine, I wish I could be really sure of it.

It is hard to be sure of many things these days.  One thing I am very sure of is that Social media is becoming hateful and divisive again.  Only a week ago it seemed like we were starting to understand that we are all in this together.  Now it has been hi-jacked and the attacks and conspiracy theories are running rampant.  I am also sure that I am very tired of it.  Almost sure that I’m happy I dropped my phone and broke it.  Almost sure.

Reflections on our life is what we have as we get older. I remember watching TV as a kid and TV got hI-jacked for a year by Dallas; Who shot JR?  I keep hoping that this will turn out the same way: just one long crazy dream.

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Joanne eburne · April 14, 2020 at 6:31 pm

After 15 years of getting to know you cal, I ” feel” like i am getting to know you now- who you have wanted to be for many years.I really enjoy your writing,your struggles and the way you are participating fully! Keep yourself going,this is amazing to experience!

    Victor Barr · April 14, 2020 at 7:05 pm

    Thank you! I’m very much enjoying my daily writing and I hope to follow this path to wherever it takes me.

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