April 2

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April 2, 2020

Tough night last night; sleep was fleeting and short.  Awaken to the same dilemma; motivate my kid and motivate myself.  I go for the cup of Jo and sit down and try to work, focus escapes and I find myself emptying the junk drawer.

A junk drawer is like opening a time capsule of the past.  Concert tickets, coupons and various mystery keys surface, time to purge.  Focus still escapes me and the drawer sits incomplete and confused, just like the feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I avoid the news, no TV, yet it’s hard not to look at the phone, Facebook, news sites; they all suck me in. I envy my wife; her focus, her busy-ness.  Yet I am grateful I no longer have my business, I am free, officially done today, purged. 

We go for our evening walk again; routine feels essential in this new reality.  The beauty of the fiery red sunset fills us with a new energy.  I see, in the clouds above, a huge dragon breathing fire into the evening sky.  We stop and soak in the beauty and connect once more to each other and to the evening sky.   The raw power of it makes the world’s problems feel that much further away.

Walking the last steps to our home, I feel content.  I know we will survive and we will watch the sunset many more times in the coming weeks and years ahead.

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