April 1

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April 1, 2020

April fool’s day… I don’t feel foolish and I already know that this isn’t some kind of mass April fool’s joke.  I decide coffee is far more important than any fool on T.V. . Upon opening the cupboard for the coffee I discover plates; who is messing with my coffee!? With further exploration I see someone has moved all the stuff in the cupboards around.  I feel dismayed and angrily return the coffee to its proper place.  Into the kitchen wanders Gabby our Bengal cat, pink is not our cats’ usual colour. I begin to smile which grows into a heartfelt laugh.  I may have cancelled April fools but my daughter apparently did not get the memo.  Sometimes my teenager still surprises me and warms my heart.

The time is now to start another project in the yard.  With some cajoling I manage to get my daughter to come help me build a rock wall.  Three years ago I planned to put in this small rock wall. Three years?  Coronabreak is good for some small blessings, there is now time and motivation to complete tasks long planned.  Connecting with Marijke some more, we build the puzzle that is in front of us.  Deeply satisfied we stand back and admire our work.  School day today consisted of engineering, geology, math and Phys ed.  I am not sure how long I can keep up this home schooling gig.

Deciding to go for our walk in the afternoon we wander slowly down our street.  Enjoying the sunshine we reflect on the positives of our life, we have our health and each other.   All that we can do is hold on to the good things; it’s too easy to fall into the trap of fear and anxiety.

Evening comes and I suggest a movie, Contagion is definitely a bad idea… TV is not much better; almost a million cases world-wide and they say we may have these restrictions until summer. Today is definitely not the best April fool’s day ever.  Tomorrow is a new day, my last day in my forties, a strange day indeed. 

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