March 31

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March 31, 2020

Morning seems to creep up on my broken sleep.  Dreams.  Strange and vivid dreams haunt my night.  I awake slowly hoping that it is the reality of my dream that I awake too.  Turning on the TV I see Trudeau’s face, confirming that I am still living the nightmare I went to sleep to; not the crazy dream I was having.  I want to wake my daughter, she should be in school, but with no school I struggle to find a way to motivate her and get her going. Caronabreak she calls it and laughs, not understanding the huge impact it is having on her life and her future. 

Tiny hail pellets shower down from the sky and we decide to stay inside. It’s project time and my teenage girl agrees to help her Dad clean the garage.  An hour later we find the floor of the garage and a sense of satisfaction for a small task accomplished, a connection with my offspring created.  Of course she wants to be rewarded, she wants to dye her hair?

London Drugs is quiet, she resists but I insist she puts on gloves to go inside.  I need my prescription filled and I make sure she keeps six feet social distance. Innately hair dye really feels frivolous.  My anxiety rises when I can’t get what I need so we escape the store; no hair dye just shampoo.  I am in so much angst over such a simple thing as going to the store.  My common sense tells me this is all a huge over-reaction.  Then I listen to the radio and hear about an outbreak at Bylands Nursury, a 5 minute drive away.  Common sense loses out to fear.

After dinner my wife and I go out for our ritual evening walk.  I have not gone on so many walks in one week since I used to walk to junior high-school.  I am enjoying these precious moments with my wife, breathing in the air and refreshing ourselves with the mountain views.  Each day time ticks a little further, every day we move forward with hope and love. Time melts away like the receding snow on the mountainside. Spring is building stronger and tomorrow is April, a new month, a new beginning.

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