March 30

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March 30, 2020

Two weeks ago the world turned upside down as our new reality sunk in.  Two weeks seem like two years.  In what feels like another era they closed Big White and told us we had to stay away from each other.  I try hard to remember what it was like before we were told to adopt social distancing, a term out of some kind of manual, now it’s a policy, a state of being.  The damage done to our way of life seems irreparable, devastating.  Even more devastating is the loss of life and potential for more loss.  Entering new territory, we adapt to our new reality.  As I watch our PM again I wonder who will pay in the end and how?

Time to find some normal, it’s a dump run today. Like pulling teeth I get my daughter to come help.  Lots of activity at the dump today, yet it’s easy to maintain social distance dumping the garbage that builds up in all our lives.   The metal crusher is at the dump, breaking metal and crushing it down into metallic cubes.  The raw power of the machinery awes us, makes us feel humbled.  Life at the dump seems undisturbed by the pandemic, yet the signs are there; maintain 2 m of social distance!  Trailer empty we depart and head back to the security of home.

Back in the yard I gravitate to the garden, it feels good raking the dirt and sowing more seeds.  My neighbour is in his yard with his eighteen month old ball of joy.  I smile to myself watching the pure love and joy that is taking place; the dog, the daughter and the proud papa.  Our world really isn’t that upside down after all.   I remember days of joy with my daughter, I envy and rejoice my friend his time with the pure innocence of a small child.

As I walk down the hill for the last moments of the day I wonder; two more weeks, or two more months?  Only time will tell how long we must go on like this.  Determined to make the most of every moment I will face my fear and push it down and embrace the world around us. The sun will rise again.

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