March 28

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March 28, 2020

Life feels a bit more back to normal this morning.  Saturday like any other, relax and cook breakie, yet in the normalcy of the morning a tension seems to grow.  We need to go to the drug store, need hand sanitizer… Surviving the drug store is easy yet I feel naked without my shopping cart to defend myself.

Feeling brave we grab take out and head for the lake.  Kukuli café is playing indigenous music that takes us to another time, same place.  We head to the waterfront. A vision of what it might have been like flickers across my mind, life was different then, simple yet hard.  Walking the waterfront we soak in the raw beauty of the lake beside us and the mountains beyond.  It’s easy to appreciate that before all the technology we have come to depend on, this valley was home to a race of people that was connected to mother earth.  People that nurtured and love the earth, the water, the wind and the sky.  With all our advances, our wonderful technology we have lost that connection.  I search for it in the waves that crash on the rocks below.

Time for my daughter to come home, bringing love and frustration to life.  Fourteen and bulletproof, she doesn’t quite grasp the whole social distance concept.  Social distance involves time on the phone with her friends.  Relentlessly she begs to see her friend, so they can sit in the same room on their phones.  Times really have changed.  And as we get reconnected we lose more of the true connections we need.

Our world is changed, throughout all the strangeness that has begun, a transformation is taking place.  Uniting us where we were divided, connecting us to what is really important. Hope is our tool to open the door to the future, connected to the past.  Tomorrow and beyond I open my heart to what it may bring.

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Louise · April 25, 2020 at 1:30 pm

I really love this one! They are all wonderful of course, the greatest appeal being they are so relatable. (Have you got Netflix? Check out Ellen Degeneres’ one woman show “Relatable”)

    Victor Barr · April 25, 2020 at 5:03 pm

    I will check that out with my girls of course.

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