March 25

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March 25, 2020

Awoke to a new day today, turned on the news to our PMs bearded face.  Same as yesterday, I guess this strange new reality will continue.  Pour another cup of coffee and ruminate about the day ahead.   Groceries are getting low.

Grocery shopping has taken on an ominous overtone.  Grab a cart; don’t touch it with the hands, Mom used to give me grief for stretching my sleeves like this.   The shopping cart is my defense as I navigate the aisles… still no TP.  What the hell is going on, where are all these people hoarding toilet paper and why are they still buying it up?  Should have bought shares in Purrell.  Odd how the old people, the ones they say are vulnerable seem to be the least concerned about keeping the social distance.  There is glass between the cashier and customer, another wall, another change. 

Strange days indeed, now it’s time to plant a seed, or forty.  Starting the garden is a good way to connect with mother earth.  As I fill the trays with the soil and press in the seeds I enjoy the simplicity of it all.  Before the internet, before the cell phone, before the automobile, we were sowing seeds, the dirt feels somehow pure between my fingers.  Grateful for the sunshine I continue to look forward to the future, to an early crop, a bountiful harvest.

Another walk to end the day, another connection to the beauty that surrounds us, birds sing, water flows. Watching the sun disappear below the horizon I feel confident, grateful, it will rise again.

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